Safety From the Top - OSHA 30

September 28, 2023

Employees safety is at the top of the priority list for MMI Industrial and Steel. Nothing is more important. We continually strive to provide the safest work environment possible for every single one of our employees, whether on a jobsite, in the shop or yard, and even in the office. MMI’s safety efforts are led by Safety Director Brian Gafford. His primary goal is to reduce employee injuries and accident rates through various initiatives including development and implementation of health and safety policies and procedures. Brian is responsible for conducting periodic safety audits which ensure legal compliance as well as compliance with industry guidelines; however, the most vital piece of Brian’s efforts are education and training.

Brian recently enlisted seven craftsmen, foremen, and supervisors to take part in OSHA 30. “It was important for these employees to complete the program because OSHA 30 training teaches employees how to recognize, avoid, and prevent common workplace hazards. This can help minimize the risk of on-the-job accidents, reduce costly machinery replacement, and save lives,” Brian shared. OSHA 30 is a comprehensive safety program devised specifically for safety directors, field supervisors, and other workers with safety responsibilities. The 30-hour program is more extensive than other safety certifications, offering a wider range of topics such as hazard communication, welding and cutting, excavation, scaffolding, and personal protective equipment. It goes more in-depth than other safety programs on hazard identification, avoidance, control and most importantly, prevention.

Safety is also just sound business practice. Safe employees and accident-free work zones ensure MMI exhibits a satisfactory safety record. A safety record in good standing helps protect the company from exposure to high insurance rates and reduces Workers' Compensation claims, resulting in lower overhead costs. It protects the company by reducing the likelihood of costly fines and legal liabilities. From a business perspective, it is increased opportunity, as a demonstrated commitment to safety enhances our reputation among clients, customers, and potential employees, which ultimately can result in more business.

The impact of training and education is invaluable and contributes to the climate of safety and productivity within the organization. It impacts all our 4H Core Values, but directly affects our employee’s happiness and workplace satisfaction. It makes them HAPPY knowing we hold their safety in the highest regard. HAPPY employees mean increased morale, which breeds loyalty and longevity. It supports the integrity of MMI, showing we are HONORABLE in our commitment to our employees. It is paramount that they return home at the end of the workday. Our safety efforts are ongoing, but we share Brian’s sentiments for the newly certified group of supervisors. He said, “It was a privilege to witness the recent leadership team participate in the OSHA 30 certification process. As a company that has recently achieved the Sustainable Safety Culture (SSC) certification, we believe that giving our employees the tools and support needed to maintain and improve our safety culture is imperative.” Participation in OSHA 30 is not a requirement, but it is an investment. It is an investment in every employee’s personal well-being and in our future as a successful organization.

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