MMI Industrial & Steel's Impact on the US Army Garrison Yuma Proving Grounds

December 8, 2023

In a significant stride towards enhancing military training infrastructure, MMI Industrial & Steel played a pivotal role in the construction of a 2-bay maintenance hangar at the US Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground in Yuma, Arizona. With a price tag of $48 million and spanning 49,000 square feet, this cutting-edge facility, along with two additional buildings slated for completion in 2026, is destined to be the cornerstone for the Special Operations Aviation Command Flight Detachment, supporting the rigorous training operations for more than 2,000 of our military's Special Operations Forces students annually.

Awarded the project on October 7, 2022, MMI Industrial & Steel assumed an important role in the construction of the hangar. Our scope of work was extensive and multifaceted. The team was tasked with providing stamped engineering and calculations for a bridge crane and crane runway system. Additionally, our crew was responsible for furnishing and installing 248 feet of runway beam and installing a 10-ton underhung single girder bridge crane. The project culminated with the crucial task of load testing and certifying the bridge crane, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

Charles Irwin, Project Manager at MMI, shed light on the many challenges faced during the installation process, with the biggest being the installation of the runway beams. “The beams were suspended from hangers attached to the roof trusses. We initially anticipated there would be elevation issues with the hangers and took a wide range of plate shims. Although we took an assumption on typical tolerances, this was not the case once field crews began their layout and measurements,” Irwin explained. This presented a unique set of obstacles, as the real-world conditions varied significantly from the initial assumptions.

Adapting swiftly, the MMI team procured additional plate shims. They were able to overcome the challenge seamlessly. This flexibility and problem-solving ability highlight the team’s commitment to delivering excellence even with unexpected hurdles.

With a crew size totaling six, including two field foremen, MMI brought a blend of expertise and hands-on experience to the project. The efficiency and attention to detail exhibited by the crew played an important role in ensuring the overall success of the crane installation. Irwin expresses pride in the team's accomplishments, describing the finished product as not just functional but resembling a showroom product.

The completion of the 2-bay maintenance hangar project has had major strategic business implications for MMI. It enhances our portfolio of projects completed for the US Army Corps of Engineers, allowing us to be considered for future crane projects. In addition, it secures our position as a key vendor, and further establishes our role as a vital contributor to critical infrastructure endeavors.

This project involved collaborations with many essential partners. The US Army Corps of Engineers served as the primary customer, while Harper Construction functioned as the General Contractor. Key vendors contributing to MMI Industrial & Steel’s success included: R&M Materials Handling, Inc. of Springfield, Ohio and Southwest Scale Company, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona

MMI Industrial & Steel's role in the construction of hangar at the US Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground showcases our technical aptitude and commitment to excellence. This project adds a significant achievement to our repertoire and positions us as a trusted partner in shaping the future of critical infrastructure for our armed forces.

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