MMI Industrial & Steel Earns 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award for Outstanding Safety Standards

January 19, 2024

In a recent announcement, MMI Industrial & Steel was awarded the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award. This recognition is reserved for companies that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to safety, with less than 10% of companies earning this prestigious honor. The award is exclusively presented to companies registering a safety score between 85-94% in Highwire's rigorous Safety Assessment Program. Upon receiving news of the award, Alfonso Trujillo, COO, MMI Industrial & Steel expressed, “We feel honored and take great pride in receiving recognition from Highwire.” The accomplishment further highlights MMI’s dedication to maintaining a secure working environment and achieving excellence in safety standards.

Highwire's Holistic Approach to Safety Assessment

Highwire, the platform behind the Safety Assessment Program, employs a comprehensive approach to assess a company's safety standards. By evaluating both lagging and leading indicators, Highwire provides owners and general contractors with a holistic view of risk. Lagging and leading indicators include specifics such as worker’s comp experience modification rating (EMR), fatalities and OSHA recordables (significant injuries contributing to loss of life, consciousness, or wages). This methodology is designed to ensure that capital projects can be completed on-time and on-budget, all while fostering a culture of safety and efficiency within the industry.

Efficient Evaluation Process

One of the key features of Highwire's Safety Assessment Program is the swift and efficient evaluation process. When a contractor uploads their safety, financial, and OSHA documents to their Highwire profile, a safety score between 0-100 is generated within 24 business hours. This quick turnaround time streamlines the assessment process, providing timely insights into a company's safety performance. The efficiency of this evaluation process is crucial for companies in the fast-paced construction and industrial sectors.

Exclusive Recognition for Safety Excellence

The 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award is a symbol of excellence in safety standards. Highwire annually recognizes the safest companies on their platform by presenting them with awards if they achieve a safety score of 85% or higher in the Safety Assessment Program. MMI’s inclusion in this exclusive group further highlights our commitment to fostering a safe working environment for our employees, as well as our partners.

Significance of the Gold Safety Award

Earning the Gold Safety Award from Highwire is no small feat. With less than 10% of companies on the Highwire platform receiving this recognition, it signifies MMI Industrial & Steel's position as a leader in safety excellence within the industry. The stringent criteria for the award emphasize the company's dedication to continuous improvement in safety practices and the implementation of vigorous safety measures.

Impact on Stakeholders

The positive implications of receiving the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award extend beyond internal company achievements. It allows owners and general contractors working with MMI to have increased confidence in the safety standards upheld by our company. This, in turn, can contribute to stronger partnerships, improved project outcomes, and enhanced overall industry reputation.

MMI Industrial & Steel's Commitment to Safety

MMI Industrial & Steel's success in earning the Gold Safety Award is evidence to our steadfast commitment to safety. The company's proactive approach to safety management, as evidenced by our high safety score, reflects a dedication to the well-being of our team and a commitment to maintaining industry-leading safety standards.

MMI Industrial & Steel’s receipt of the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award is a significant achievement that underscores our commitment to safety. Though the significance, according to Alfonso, “lies not only in the certificate or award, but in the understanding that Highwire’s evaluation of our data, juxtaposed with our peers, has reached a gold standard that only a few companies can boast.” Highwire's comprehensive Safety Assessment Program, efficient evaluation process, and exclusive recognition for safety excellence make this award a symbol of prestige within the industry. Expressing gratitude for the Highwire Gold Safety Award, Alfonso continued, “I am grateful that our dedicated teams and leadership have unwavering commitment to safety in all aspects. While acknowledging the progress we have made, we remain dedicated to further refining our safety culture, aspiring for it to become an integral part of our daily lives, from the moment we “clock in”.” MMI’s dedication to maintaining high safety standards not only benefits the company itself but also positively impacts stakeholders, fostering a culture of safety, trust, and success within the construction and industrial sectors.

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