MISSION POSSIBLE! Our Core Purpose Through the Lens of our CEO

January 9, 2024

In 1974, MMI Industrial & Steel planted roots deep in the heart of Arizona as a small, family owned, millwright services company. Today, we are a multifaceted corporation specializing in structural steel fabrication and steel erection; however, our core purpose extends far beyond the norms of this ever changing and growing industry. Put into words, our core purpose reads, “to improve the lives of MMI’s employees, customers, and vendors”. Put into action, it is a guiding principle, a source of inspiration, and a daily commitment that touches the lives of employees, customers, and vendors alike. This unwavering commitment to improving lives is not just a tagline and it is much more than a mission statement. It is the heart and soul of our business, echoing the sentiments of Dusty Pinckard, President/Owner of MMI Industrial & Steel.

We sat down with Dusty, the visionary leader behind MMI. In a short, though heartfelt Q&A, he shared what MMI’s Core Purpose statement means to him and how it influences the way he chooses to do business and live life.

Q. What does the Core Purpose mean to you personally and professionally, and why?

A. Personally, Dusty sees the Core Purpose as a driving force that goes far beyond financial gain. He aptly puts it, “My enjoyment comes from working and serving our employees and customers. The monetary gains, though good business practice, are a tool to me, for growth and creating.” His perspective underscores the idea that financial success is not the ultimate goal, but rather, a means to create a positive impact on the lives of those involved in every aspect of his business. Moreover, Dusty acknowledges the importance of recognizing the value of each employees’ contributions and the need to reward hard work. This philosophy speaks to the understanding that a company’s strength lies in the well-being and motivation of its workforce.

Dusty’s perspective on the professional aspect of MMI’s Core Purpose statement ties in closely with his personal point of view. He emphasizes that it is intertwined with personal growth, as he loves to learn and embrace challenges. Our Core Purpose statement aligns perfectly with his professional ambitions. “With the core purpose of improving the lives of others, it really serves me,” he says. This commitment to personal growth through service and collaboration underscores the importance of fostering a thriving, dynamic work environment where all team members can flourish.

Similarly, Dusty also highlights the significance of strong professional relationships stating, “Having solid professional relationships is so important for our business and our quality of life. Embracing a blend of personal and professional relationships keeps us centered and growing.” He recognizes that these connections are pivotal. The harmony between the two creates a balanced and enriching environment that supports everyone involved.

Q. How does the Core Purpose impact your decision making on a day-to-day basis with the following? (our people, CapEx (Capital Expenditure), customers, financials, quality, safety)

A. Our People: “At MMI, every team member – they all matter and contribute to this machine we call MMI.” Our employees are essential to the success of the business. This realization influences decision-making, ensuring that the company's operations always prioritize the well-being and development of its employees.

B. CapEx (Capital Expenditure): “My perspective is one of continuous improvement, both through small and large investments. We need to invest in the overall “machine”,” Dusty shares. At MMI capital expenditure is seen as a means to enhance the company's overall commitment, reflecting our pledge to quality, efficiency, and excellence.

C. Customers: There’s no question customers are an integral part of business. Dusty put it simply, “Customers are vital to our existence as a company, and I love to help them accomplish their jobs in ways that they feel respected and served.” Dusty’s approach ensures that every interaction leaves the customer feeling as though they are investing in a partnership where they are truly valued and are more than just clients.

D. Financials: “Creativity, consistency, and efficiency are key components of financial decision-making,” Dusty explains. “The focus on developing and strengthening customer relationships reinforces the idea that a customer-centric approach can positively impact the company's financial performance and if the whole team sees it, then you have a huge impact.

E. Quality: “Using superior tools and equipment to ensure the best possible outcome when delivering a product or completing projects for customers is essential to our quality commitment. Achieving a sense of pride knowing we've produced excellent results or completed a job with top-notch quality is important to me.” For Dusty, quality is not just a goal, but a way of life at MMI.

F. Safety: Dusty's emphasis on safety aligns with the understanding that it is paramount. He explains this further saying, “We don’t have many things in this life that matter as much… Even when we chose to live a life that involves more risk, hopefully we are smart and calculated. This is how I want our team to be. I want everyone to be smart, care for each other and keep each other out of harm’s way.” This extends to fostering an environment among the team, where everyone looks out for one another. It ensures the well-being of all.

MMI Industrial & Steel's Core Purpose of improving lives, as articulated by Dusty Pinckard, permeates every aspect of our business. Yes, MMI is in the business of steel and industrial services, but more importantly, we are in the business of creating better, more enriching lives for employees, customers, and vendors. MMI's journey is an active demonstration of the profound impact a company can have when its core purpose goes beyond profits and truly embraces the people it touches.

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