Hungry: Ryan Tindell

November 18, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of industrial steel enterprise, MMI Industrial & Steel stands tall, driven by a set of core values which propels team members forward. Amongst our 4H Core Values is HUNGRY. More than just a word, this value, etched into the company's ethos, is a mindset. We recently asked Ryan Tindell, Project Manager at MMI, to delve into how he relates to this core value and how it aligns with his career plans.

"There are many examples of the benefits gained from being a “Hungry” employee. Personally, gaining knowledge and taking on responsibility has been the most beneficial for me," Ryan shared. The wide range of industrial projects he has been exposed to have been instrumental in establishing his career path and has expand his level of expertise. Above all, it has fueled his hunger for growth. Having joined MMI just eight months ago, he orchestrates intricate tasks and ensures seamless collaboration among team members. It is those team members and the work environment that Ryan finds most enjoyable about his job. Even so, he places high value on the potential growth and opportunity working at MMI affords him. He attests to the benefits of embodying the HUNGRY core value, emphasizing that personal growth, gained knowledge, and increased responsibilities have been the most significant advantages in his career trajectory.

HUNGY at MMI goes beyond mere ambition; it's a commitment to excellence and a drive to do more for the organization. It is our hope that being HUNGRY for success is deeply ingrained in our culture, motivating our teams to seek more knowledge, take on additional responsibilities, and continually strive for improvement.

MMI Industrial & Steel's commitment to being HUNGRY isn't just a value we speak about. It's a driving force that fuels individual and collective aspirations, fostering an environment where growth is not only encouraged but inevitable.

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