Hardworking: Reed Bingham

December 21, 2023

Reed Bingham’s roots are deeply embedded in a family of hardworking individuals. Growing up surrounded by a father who tirelessly trained horses in Kentucky and a mother who juggled the responsibilities of raising a family while becoming a successful realtor, he understands the true meaning of dedication and passion. It was through his parent’s example that Reed learned the value of putting in the hard work necessary to achieve his goals.

Joining MMI and working for Dusty Pinckard, President/CEO, Reed found himself amid a perfect storm of HARDWORKING ideals. "Talk about a great example of HARDWORKING!" he exclaims when speaking of Dusty. For Reed, HARDWORKING isn't just a trait that Dusty illustrates. It is a mindset that has been embraced and demonstrated throughout the MMI organization since he joined the team over 14 years ago. It’s where dedication and commitment start at the top, setting an example and inspiring every level, all the way to the bottom. It's about realizing that there is always work to be completed, staying busy, staying on task, and striving to do the job better than the day before.

"In my perspective, integrity and hard work run side by side," Reed shares. "A person with a strong sense of integrity won't sit around while there is work to be done. These are both very important to me." This intertwining of integrity and hard work creates a work environment at MMI that pulsates with efficiency and excellence and is emphasized by embracing Paul Aker’s “2 Second Lean” philosophy. In this model, all employees are challenged to continuously look for ways to improve through small, incremental changes. It’s a philosophy which aligns with Reed and his values. He appreciates MMI’s goals of continuous quality improvement, continuous efficiency gains, and continuous elimination of waste.

In addition to enjoying being surrounded by likeminded, hardworking individuals, Reed revels in the variety of work that comes his way as a Millwright Foreman, now Superintendent. "It most definitely helps keep me engaged and, on my toes," he says. The diversity of challenges not only makes each day unique but also contributes to the continuous learning and growth that hardworking individuals like Reed strive for. He believes the hard work associated with daily challenges will continue to help him become a better superintendent. Reed’s commitment to hard work is not just about personal success. It’s also about uplifting the entire team and the company, as a whole. It's a mindset that sees daily challenges as opportunities and transforms obstacles into steppingstones towards success.

As we appreciate the hard work that everyone contributes at MMI, it's clear that HARDWORKING isn't just one of our 4H Core Values; it's the driving force behind the company's success. MMI Industrial & Steel is more than just a fabricator of steel; it's a testament to what can be achieved when individuals are passionate about their professional goals and work together, day in and day out, to achieve them. So, here's to the HARDWORKING spirit that fuels MMI's success – may it continue to build, shape, and conquer new heights!

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