BeamMaster Breakthrough: Revolutionizing Project Timelines with 63% Faster Steel Beam Processing

November 30, 2023

Efficiency, precision, and quality are paramount in any business. This is especially true for MMI Industrial & Steel, where we are consistently faced with meeting tight deadlines and maintaining the highest quality standards. In a recent project with BZI Steel of Cedar City, UT, MMI embraced a cutting-edge solution – the game-changing, AGT Robotics BeamMaster. The BeamMaster is an impressive welding solution for structural steel. It provides the utmost in automation, efficiency and flexibility and is a versatile solution that has changed the way we do business.

BZI Steel recently approached MMI with a substantial welding project. As a key player in the steel industry, BZI required a reliable partner capable of delivering both speed and quality in their welding processes. We were able meet their needs while showcasing the capabilities of advanced robotics with our AGT BeamMaster.

The BeamMaster took center stage in managing an impressive scope of work. While the simulated weight of 288,382 pounds was slated for the job, MMI ran a total of 260,181 pounds through the welding robot. This not only demonstrated the machine's handling capacity but also highlighted its truly remarkable efficiency in dealing with substantial workloads. It underscored its ability to consistently meet high-volume demands with precision and accuracy. The BeamMaster easily tackled the more repetitive and laborious tasks, allowing our crew to focus on more intricate and complex aspects of the job. “This was the first time where I felt that the shop could see that this (the BeamMaster) is a real game-changer. It’s not something that is taking their work away from them, but rather supplementing their work by performing the more tedious and time-consuming tasks, opening up their availability to work on the more complicated factors of this job,” Josh Dyer, Automation Lead, said.

The BeamMaster demonstrated outstanding throughput speed in this project, surpassing traditional methods. Typically, processing a single steel beam requires about 10 hours of manpower. With 27 beams involved, our most skilled welders would spend a significant amount of time on the task. However, the BeamMaster accomplished the processing of all 27 beams in just under 99 hours, showcasing an impressive time-saving factor of approximately 63%. This highlights the machine's exceptional efficiency and speed, emphasizing its superiority in the project.

Precision of the BeamMaster was not limited to speed alone. With 39,427 simulated weld inches, the machine executed 37,785 inches, achieving an impressive accuracy rate. The 36.25 arc hours dedicated to this project showcased the reliability of the BeamMaster in consistently delivering quality welds, meeting and even surpassing industry standards. In terms of tonnage, the BZI project amounted to an extraordinary 382,945 pounds of steel. Remarkably, MMI ran approximately 68% of this weight through the BeamMaster. This highlights the machine's capability to handle heavy loads and emphasizes its significant contribution to the overall project efficiency.

The BeamMaster has proved to be a pivotal asset for MMI. Our success with the BZI project is just one example of the unprecedented success we have enjoyed since adding it to our assortment of machinery. Operating at a rate equivalent to 2.7 human welders, the time we save on each and every project provides a strategic advantage to our business. The BeamMaster has accelerated the welding process and safeguarded our unwavering commitment to quality. Its impact has been transformative, proving that automation enhances rather than replaces human capabilities and skilled workforce.

The collaboration between MMI Industrial & Steel and BZI Steel, powered by AGT Robotics’ BeamMaster, sets a new standard in industrial welding and fabrication efficiency. Proudly, our numbers speak for themselves – from the impressive throughput speed to the precision in welded inches and the significant reduction in manhours. The BeamMaster is a game-changer and a reliable partner in elevating our capabilities. It has positioned MMI at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for our future success.

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