A Successful Journey in Odessa TX - The CEMEX Project of 2013

November 16, 2023

In the industrial construction and steel fabrication world, one project can make all the difference. That project for MMI Industrial & Steel came in 2013 when we were awarded a contract to perform work for Cemex USA in Odessa, Texas. The Odessa TX Cemex Project, executed by our dedicated crew members from the Industrial Services division, was a remarkable endeavor that opened doors to new opportunities, tested our mettle, and ultimately became a source of immense pride.

When MMI Was Awarded the Job

In 2013, MMI Industrial & Steel was bestowed with the great responsibility of executing the Odessa TX Cemex Project. This endeavor marked a significant milestone in our journey, representing not only the trust placed in us by our clients, but also the chance to prove our capabilities on a larger scale.

Scope of Work and Our Greatest Challenges

The scope of work for the Odessa Cemex Project was extensive and multifaceted. It encompassed several critical components, including:

  • Construction of baghouse, fan, and stack components
  • Compressor and electrical work
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Installation of Steel Support Structures (baghouse, ducting and fan, stack, air piping
  • Instrumentation
  • Dust collection conveying system

MMI worked with trusted, key partner Degan Construction for the fabrication of various concrete foundations throughout the project, such as the baghouse, fan, stack, compressor, and electrical building. However, the diverse scope of work posed unique challenges for other aspects of the project.

One of the most significant issues we encountered was the need to build a team capable of handling the various facets of the installation. A project of this magnitude demanded a dedicated and skilled workforce with expertise in concrete work, rigging, ironworking, welding, process piping, instrumentation, and mechanical work. It was imperative that we assemble a team with multi-craft abilities, ensuring every aspect of the project was executed to the highest standards.

Once our crew was selected, we deployed ten individuals who demonstrated unwavering commitment and expertise, ensuring the project's success. Their hard work and dedication were instrumental in overcoming the challenges posed by the project including adverse weather conditions.

Odessa is located in west Texas, an area known for its high winds. Strong gusts persisted almost daily. Managing the project in these conditions required meticulous planning and an abiding commitment to safety.

Growth Strategy

The successful completion of the Odessa Cemex Project was a pivotal moment in MMI Industrial & Steel's growth strategy. Not only did it mark a successful partnership with Cemex, but it solidified our relationship with American Air Filter (AAF). The successful execution of this project laid the foundation for several subsequent years of substantial projects at Cemex facilities, including Odessa, Texas, Victorville, California, and Clinchfield, Georgia.

Our Most Proud Achievement with the Cemex Project

There were many points of pride during the Cemex project. What we are most proud of is not just the successful project execution, but also the new team we built and the relationships we forged along the way. Our strong and enduring partnership with AAF and Cemex representatives, including Enrique Rivas and Bob Shidal, is something we cherish. It's a testament to the trust they place in MMI Industrial and the quality of our work.

The Odessa Cemex Project of 2013 was a landmark achievement for MMI Industrial and Steel. It showcased our ability to handle complex and diverse projects and it highlighted our ability cultivate lasting relationships with key customers and vendor partners. The successful execution of this project paved the way for significant growth and opportunities in the years that followed. MMI Industrial and Steel continues to take pride in the work done by our dedicated crew members and our commitment to delivering excellence in industrial construction and steel fabrication. We look forward to more exciting projects and enduring partnerships in the future.

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