February 23, 2024

Structural steel erection is a complex process where precision dominates every facet. While the craftsmanship aspect is undeniable, it also requires a delicate balance between artistry and scientific methodology. At MMI Industrial & Steel, this balance is not only understood but mastered by our adept field crews. Thanks to their innovative strategies and expertise, every move in the process of installation is methodically analyzed, using a systematic approach comparable to scientific inquiry. The meticulousness by which the processes are carried out, assists in reducing potential hazards and optimizing workflow efficiency.

In a conversation with Jason Barnes, Director of Steel Construction at MMI, we delve into the key elements that contribute to the success of MMI in the art and science of structural steel erection. Additionally, we look at specific challenges and innovative solutions that define our approach.

Artistry in Steel Erection

Jason emphasizes MMI's penchant for embracing challenges, especially when it comes to installing structural steel in some of the most demanding environments. Whether it's working in confined spaces or weaving between complex infrastructure, MMI thrives on turning the impossible into reality. MMI’s diverse skill set, including specialty rigging and millwright work, sets us apart from the average steel erector, enabling our teams to tackle projects that others might deem unfeasible.

One of the hallmarks of MMI's approach is thorough planning and preparation. Every project undergoes meticulous scrutiny, with input from all stakeholders, and include engagement with structural engineers as necessary. This collaborative effort ensures that the steel is not only installed correctly but also designed to withstand the test of time. Such attention to detail underscores MMI's commitment to excellence in both safety and quality throughout the erection process.

Scientific Methodology in Steel Erection

Challenges in structural steel fabrication and erection often blur the lines between methodology and science. These challenges require a complex approach that combines practical methodology with scientific principles. MMI's success in this regard stems from its systematic approach, where every step is meticulously planned and executed to ensure efficiency and precision. This approach, while grounded in scientific understanding, also relies heavily on the expertise and experience of MMI's field crews, who navigate the complexities of each project with skill and ingenuity.

In the context of structural steel installation, methodology encompasses not only the technical aspects of sequencing and installation but also the creative problem-solving required to overcome unforeseen obstacles. Boundaries between methodology and science become less clear, emphasizing how practical approaches and scientific understanding blend to achieve success in steel erection.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions

One of the recent challenges faced by MMI involved reinforcing the roof structure of a hospital to accommodate a new air handler. The project presented numerous hurdles, including limited space, existing infrastructure specific to medical facilities such as medical gas and air lines, and strict floor load ratings. To overcome these challenges, MMI employed innovative strategies, such as splitting the beams in half to facilitate transportation and navigating through the hospital using material lifts instead of traditional cranes.

Nathan, one of MMI's knowledgeable foreman, and his team exhibited remarkable diligence and craftsmanship throughout the project. Despite the constraints, they managed to maneuver the beams into place with zero damage to the various infrastructural elements and other trade’s work—a testament to their skill, precision and artistry. The final installation, though highly challenging, stands as evidence of MMI's ability to merge artistry with scientific rigor to achieve some of the most remarkable results.

The art and science of structural steel erection converge seamlessly at MMI Industrial & Steel. Through a combination of artistic innovation and scientific precision, MMI consistently delivers exceptional results, even in the face of daunting challenges. By embracing complexity, collaborating closely with stakeholders, and employing innovative strategies, MMI continues to set new standards of excellence in the field of structural steel erection.

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