MMI Hoist Lifts Up Customer Experience for Galleria of Stone

October 4, 2023

Galleria of Stone in North Phoenix touts themselves as the Italian Stone Boutique for the greater Phoenix area. When you walk into their showroom, it’s easy to see why. Sample upon sample, slab upon slab – their displays of exquisite stone are quite impressive. Galleria of Stone offers a unique selection of stunning, natural materials, shipped direct from Italy and ready for fabrication for your next project. In June of 2021, then Hoist Systems, Inc., seized the opportunity to work with this incredible company to fabricate and install two top running single girder cranes, each with a 48’ span and their own 95’ freestanding runway system. It was an important project as it served as the catalyst for MMI Industrial and Steel’s acquisition of Hoist Systems, Inc., now MMI Hoist.

While some projects can take months or even years to complete, the Galleria of Stone project was quick and easy. Despite the simplicity, the project made a significant impact on their slab storage and inventory system. The cranes changed how they store materials and display samples, and altered how materials are maneuvered around storage bays. Prior to the cranes being installed, they used forklifts which cost valuable floor space due to the amount of clearance needed to operate them. As result, Galleria gained two more isles of slab storage room and sample display space between crane columns. In addition to space, Galleria also realized an increase in productivity. Unloading materials from delivery trucks can be a time-consuming task for their warehouse staff. In their bays not equipped with girder cranes, it can take them up to three hours to unload a truck. Whereas bays with cranes, only require about 45minutes of time. Time is money for employers. The girder cranes easily proved to be a worthy investment for the stone company.

Jeff Sanuik, Senior Director of MMI Hoist, a division of MMI Industrial and Steel is proud of the 4-man crew that took this project to completion, along with R&M Materials Handling who supplied the crane kits and hoists. Our projects rely heavily upon trusted, key vendors. Most of all, Jeff is incredibly proud of the results and the customer’s overall satisfaction. Galleria of Stone still has two bays operating without crane systems. Jeff is hopeful owner, Francesco, will commission MMI Hoist for the installation of two additional girder crane systems in the very near future. It would be a privilege to do business with them again.

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