Hardworking: Jeff Sanuik

October 30, 2023

Jeff Sanuik is a true professional with a passion for excellence. He spent nearly 40 years as the owner of Hoist Systems, Inc., often partnering with MMI Industrial and Steel to complete overhead crane projects. He officially joined MMI as the Senior Director of Overhead Cranes & Hoists in August of this year. He has become an integral part of the team, recently sharing more about his role, what he enjoys most about his job, and how his commitment to our 4H Core Value of HARDWORKING shapes his career plans today.

What Does Jeff Do?

Jeff Sanuik is the Senior Director of Overhead Cranes & Hoists. In this role, he oversees a wide range of projects - from the smallest pendant station button to the impressive 35-ton double box girder bridge crane. His responsibilities span the entire spectrum of overhead crane and hoist systems, ensuring that every detail is carefully managed to meet the highest quality standards.

The Joy of Customer Connections

One of the aspects Jeff enjoys most about his job is the close interaction with customers. He acknowledges that expertise in the world of overhead cranes and hoists can be scarce. Therefore, his roll allows him to build genuine friendships with clients where they are more than mere business relationships. “The overhead crane market is a relatively small space. . . I’m able to get close to them (customers) and in many cases consider them true friends and not just customers,” Jeff shared.

At MMI Industrial & Steel, Jeff thrives in the office atmosphere, surrounded by a team of talented and dedicated individuals. He appreciates the camaraderie and collaboration that fosters a positive work environment, making each day at the office enjoyable.

The Power of the HARDWORKING Core Value

Jeff strongly believes in the core value of HARDWORKING. He acknowledges that it differs from our other 4H Core Values of HAPPY, HUNGRY and HONORABLE - in its emphasis on action over choice and thought. According to Jeff, while you can choose to be Happy, Hungry, and Honorable, HARDWORKING requires active commitment and determination. To be HARDWORKING, it requires a choice or conscious decision.

Jeff elaborates on the definition of HARDWORKING as "being ambitious and obsessed with quality." He emphasizes that ambition and obsession, while essential, must be translated into action. Merely having ambition without acting upon it can lead to mediocrity or failure. MMI is a company that embodies the opposite of mediocrity, and to maintain this high standard, ambition must be followed by relentless effort. He finished, “To reach our goals as a company, we all must be willing to be ambitious enough to live this core value and put in the hard work and effort.”

A Shared Commitment

Jeff believes that to achieve the goals set by MMI as a company, everyone must embrace the HARDWORKING core value. This commitment to hard work and ambition is pivotal in delivering quality products to our customers. The MMI 4H Core Values are more than just slogans; they serve as guiding principles that motivate and unify every individual within the organization, ensuring the ongoing success of MMI Industrial & Steel.

Jeff 's dedication to his role as the Senior Director of Overhead Cranes & Hoists at MMI Industrial & Steel is evident in his passion for delivering quality and building lasting customer relationships. His unwavering commitment to the HARDWORKING core value, and all our core values, is a testament to his role in shaping the company's future and the success of MMI Hoist Systems. After more than 40 years in the business, Jeff’s career plans are slowing down. As he says, he is “on the back 9” of his career. For now, we are thankful Jeff has more years left in him and that today he is much more than a partner. He is part of our team, and we are honored to have him.

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