Happy: Nathan Driffill

December 1, 2023

Nathan Driffill, a seasoned Structural Steel Foreman, has been an integral part of MMI for nearly a decade. When asked about what he enjoys most about his job, Nathan provides a personal and reflective response, "Working with people like myself," he states. For Nathan, the camaraderie and shared passion among his colleagues make the challenging tasks they face daily more enjoyable. The collaborative spirit at MMI, driven by the core value of HAPPY, creates an environment where employees thrive together.

Nathan's nine-year journey at MMI has been a testament to the company's commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture. The emphasis on HAPPY as a core value is a guiding principle that influences daily interactions and decisions, from the top of the organizational structure to the bottom. We recently asked Nathan to share what HAPPY means to him and how it impacts his career path.

"The word, happy, comes from the Middle Eastern word 'hap,' which means good luck," Nathan explains. He goes on to highlight the historical connection between happiness and good fortune, emphasizing that being happy is a profound blessing. Nathan believes that happiness is not only a personal state of mind but a force that can reverberate throughout the workplace, affecting the dynamics of the entire team.

Reflecting on how happiness aligns with his career plans, Nathan expresses with sincerity, "Being happy – being able to be happy is one of the greatest gifts in life." He believes that a positive and joyful outlook not only enhances job satisfaction but also contributes to overall well-being. Nathan envisions a future where the core value of HAPPY continues to be a driving force, propelling both personal and professional growth.

Nathan's perspective resonates with the idea that happiness is contagious. As he points out, a cheerful demeanor at work can have a cascading effect, influencing the mood and productivity of the entire team. In a demanding industry where stress and pressure are constant companions, our core value of HAPPY guides employees through challenges with a sense of optimism.

MMI Industrial & Steel's commitment to the core value of HAPPY goes beyond a mere word. It is a philosophy that can shape careers and transform businesses from the inside, out. Nathan's time with MMI is a testament to the transformative power of happiness in the workplace. As we navigate the complexities of our work days, we should all take a cue from Nathan's wisdom and strive to spread happiness, creating a space where success is not just measured in steel structures but in the joy of shared accomplishments.

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