A Journey of Purpose: Our Core Purpose Through the Lens of our Senior VP of Steel Services

February 7, 2024

Everyone’s journey through life is unique. For Reza NeJad, Senior Vice President of Steel Services, that journey began in Iran, one of the most complex regions of the world. Seeking a better, more peaceful life for his family, Reza immigrated to the United States over twelve years ago with the hope and dream of leaving a lasting legacy of hard work and strong moral values for his family and those around him. He immersed himself in western culture, settling in Arizona. Two years later, he secured a position with MMI Industrial & Steel. Knowing businesses often focus solely on profit margins and market dominance, he found special connection within MMI and its unique business approach, driven by a profound Core Purpose: "to improve the lives of MMI’s employees, customers, and vendors."

At the heart of this purpose is the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world at large. Reza embodies this spirit both personally and professionally, weaving his own narrative of pursuit for a better life into the fabric of MMI's Core Purpose. His quest resonates deeply. For him, the Core Purpose isn't just a statement; it's a guiding light, illuminating a path toward meaningful contributions and holistic growth.

In Part 2 of our Core Purpose series, we spoke to Reza and asked about the significance of MMI's Core Purpose and how it influences day-to-day decision making on a personal and professional level.

Q. What does MMI’s Core Purpose mean to you personally and professionally, and why?

A. Reza articulates a sincere sense of alignment between his personal aspirations and professional endeavors. "My personal goal is to make the world better for the next generation and to see how I can help others," he shares. Through MMI's Core Purpose, Reza finds a platform to actualize this vision, stating, “With MMI’s Core Purpose, I see the opportunity to be part of the team and to assist in improving the lives of others. At the same time, I truly believe my teammates want better for my life, as well.” With an encompassing perspective, Reza views his role within the organization as an opportunity to be part of a collective effort to improve lives.

Q. How does the Core Purpose impact your decision making on a day-to-day basis with the following? (our people, CapEx (Capital Expenditure), customers, financials, quality, safety)

A. In his day-to-day decision-making, Reza's perspective reflects a deep understanding of MMI's Core Values and their implications across various facets of the business:

Our People: Reza recognizes the individual needs and aspirations of each team member, striving to support their personal and professional growth. He shares, “I am genuinely interested in the needs of our employees. It is my desire to be part of everyone’s goals and improvement.” By fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment, he sees the potential to not only enhance lives within the organization but also contribute to a broader ripple effect of positive change.

Capital Expenditure: With a focus on long-term effectiveness, Reza approaches capital expenditure decisions with careful consideration. By prioritizing investments that yield sustainable benefits and foster growth for the organization, he aligns financial strategies with MMI's overarching goal of improving lives. “I’m always thinking ahead about what the best decisions are for us to be the most effective over longer periods of time,” Reza says.

Customers: Reza's customer-centric approach emphasizes understanding and fulfilling the needs of clients. By delivering solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness, MMI strengthens relationships with customers and enhances their overall experience, thereby fulfilling its Core Purpose.

Financials: Reza acknowledges, “Financial decisions can be challenging. You must be able to make decisions without realizing or seeing immediate results or benefits. Nevertheless, we can make the decisions necessary to achieve the financial goals of the business, and at the same time, work to improve the lives of our teammates when we cooperate in partnership.” Balancing financial goals with social responsibility presents a unique challenge, but Reza sees it as an opportunity for cooperation. By fostering a supportive environment where teamwork and partnership thrive, he believes that financial success can coexist with the improvement of lives, both within the company and beyond.

Quality and Safety: For Reza, quality and safety go hand in hand and are non-negotiables that reinforce all actions and decisions. By prioritizing excellence and ensuring a secure work environment, MMI not only enhances the well-being of its employees but also elevates the overall standard of its operations.

In essence, Reza NeJad’s perspective on MMI's Core Purpose epitomizes a harmonious fusion of personal morality and organizational mission. Through a commitment to improving lives at every level, he embodies the spirit of MMI Industrial & Steel, transforming purpose into action and aspirations into realities. As he continues to navigate the intricate landscape of business and social responsibility, Reza stands as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of purpose-driven leadership in today's interconnected world.


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